KRISTEN MAE LEE          Lisbon/Glastonbury, CT         (860) 917-8318



Š Eighteen years’ experience in business marketing and communications, graphic design, print production graphic design, print brokering, and web design. Nine years experience in search engine optimization getting multiple page 1 ranking for businesses on Google and other search engines. Nine years experience building up the social media marketing presence for various types of businesses. During this time, acting as a Consultant for small, mid-size, and large national businesses, some with an international presence. Providing status reports tracking marketing achievements within these marketing realms.

Š Analyze marketing data from a variety of online data analysis sources, including Google Webmaster Tools and the U.S. Census Bureau, etc. to develop custom marketing reports, marketing plans, and marketing materials, both for print and web marketing use. High proficiency in developing custom auto-populating spreadsheets for accounting, marketing, and business management reports, which increases productivity and profits while also reduces spending. Google Certified Partner with Google Certifications for Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics. Attended the Google Summit 2017 and Google Academy (for ongoing training to keep up on marketing innovations).

Š Familiar with and knowledgeable of direct mail best practices as well. Attended National PCC Day 2017, which is a US Postal Service event for industry and postal experts. Experienced in direct mail design, envelopes, catalogs, flyers, brochures, and postcards, for many different types of businesses.



Proficiency in all Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office programs (including advanced level Excel formula development). Also experienced in creating animated advertisements in multimedia programs (animated .gifs of all sizes – ie: movie theatre ad, web banner ads, etc.).


04/1999 –  Present
Marketing Manager/Consultant/Principal

1.     U.S. Navy - Kingsbay GA, Groton CT/New London CT, Worldwide (flyers, posters, signs, banners) 1990; 

2.     U.S. Marine Corps Special Forces - Kingsbay GA, Worldwide (t-shirt pencil illustration) 1990;

3.     Rosie's Diner - Ledyard CT, Pawcatuck CT, Preston CT (logo design) 1992;

4.     Three Rivers Community College - Norwich CT (logo design) 1998;

5.     Mohammad Musa, Engineering Business Alliance - Silicone Valley CA (logo design) 2000;

6.     National Document Retrieval - Phoenix AZ, National USA (website design) 2001;  

7.     Engineering & Business Alliance - Silicone Valley CA (logo design) 2001;

8.     The French Quarry Granite - Scottsdale AZ (flyers, print ad design) 2001;

9.     Antonino Auto Group’s BMW of New London - New London CT (flyers for new car buyers, postcards) 2002;

10.  Rowanberry Gardens - Voluntown CT (logo design, banners, business cards) 2002;

11.  Remax Realty Condo Connection - Scottsdale AZ (logo design) 2002;

12.  RT Kind – Baltic CT (logo design, business cards, quoting spreadsheet) 2003;

13.  Kim Clark - Oakdale CT (postcard invitations) 2003;

14.  Sophie - Windham CT (gift certificate) 2004;

15.  KRE8IT! - Cromwell CT (logo design, postcards, business cards, print ads, advertorial writing, custom party supplies) 2004-2005;

16.  Southern Connection - Coventry CT, National USA (logo design, flyers) 2005;

17.  Amy Taylor - Los Angeles CA (calendars, posters) 2006;

18.  Hambone Bar & Grill - Mesa AZ (table tents, logo file creation, print ads, newspaper ads, punch cards, gift certificates, postcards, flyers, matchbooks) 2006;

19.  Franklin Auto Sales - Franklin CT (logo design, building graphics) 2007;

20.  R & R Lawn Services - New Britain CT (logo design, business cards) 2007;

21.  Rank Bulls - Queen Creek AZ (logo design, business cards) 2008;

22.  Conrad Valdez – Phoenix, AZ (business cards) 2008;

23.  VS Catering - Phoenix AZ (logo design) 2008;

24.  Megalow Concept Vehicle - Mesa AZ (press kits, signs, posters, advertorial writing) 2008;

25.  Terri’s Design & Consign - Chandler AZ (web site graphic design, web page redesign) 2008;

26.  AspirationsWS – Norwich CT, National USA (logo design, website design, business cards, postcards, social media marketing, seo web marketing, web marketing research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) 2008;

27.  Fleet Ford (Mike from Earnhardt changed jobs) - Phoenix AZ (trade show poster) 2009;

28.  My Work Perks – Phoenix AZ (logo recreation, brochures) 2009;

29.  Jack Mormon Bar & Grill - Phoenix AZ (logo design, t-shirt designs) 2009;

30.  Granite Wholesale – Chandler AZ (magnetic signs) 2009;

31.  Altone’s Bar - Jewett City CT (flyers) 2009;

32.  Lets eChat Fellowship - Chandler AZ (logo design, social media marketing) 2009;

33.  Positives The Club - Sprague CT (logo design, website design, social media marketing) 2009-Present;

34.  Grace Community Church - Tempe AZ (6 mural paintings, wall vinyl, event décor) 2009;

35.  Johnny Kielbasas Stuff Shop - Taftville CT (business cards) 2009-2015;

36.  Sabby's Auto - Norwich CT (web site design, seo web marketing, social media marketing & design) 2009-Present;

37.  Prostate Second Opinions - Phoenix AZ, Seattle WA, etc (logo design, multimedia website design, QMS for efficiency, informational inserts inside folders) 2009;

38.  Michalski Concrete - Norwich CT (sign design, sales presentation binders, office interior design) 2009; 

39.  Rose City Taxi - Norwich CT (logo redesign, website design, seo web marketing, window vinyl, business cards) 2009-Present;

40.  Air Flow Tech - Albany NY (logo design) 2009;

41.  Carol Gagliardo Accounting Services - Norwich CT (logo design, stationery suite – letterhead and envelopes, business cards) 2009-Present;

42.  MediBilling - Phoenix AZ (logo design, business cards) 2009;

43.  Fleet Ford (Mike from Earnhardt changed jobs) - Phoenix AZ (trade show poster) 2009;

44.  AM Landscape Solutions - Mesa AZ (logo design, business cards) 2009;

45.  David Vacarro Picture War and Picture Peace - Long Island NY, Cortland NY (seo website design, seo web marketing, postcards, book cover designs, book publishing setup and seo for the series of books) 2005-Present;  

46.  Techno Logic - Albany NY (logo design) 2009;

47.  Johnny's Cafe - Norwich CT (logo design, flyers, table tents, web design) 2010;

48.  Shea's Auto - New London CT (QMS set up, accounting & bookkeeping spreadsheets) 2010;

49.  WRO Welding - Jamestown RI (logo design, invoices) 2011;

50.  Massage Mobile - Phoenix AZ (RV wrap design) 2012;

51.  Round Peg Design - Mesa AZ, Portland OR (logo design) 2012;

52.  Lynn - Scottsdale AZ (bookmarks, superimposing images together from two photos) 2012;

53.  Motortek - Mesa AZ (window vinyl) 2012;

54.  Foxtail Salon - Tempe AZ, Avondale AZ (business startup package – logo design, wall vinyl, window vinyl, print ad design, postcards, flyers, coroplast wall menus, retractable banner) 2012-Present;

55.  Vivaldi Salon Suites - Tempe AZ (print ad design) 2012;

56.  Broken Arrow - Las Vegas NV (website design) 2012;

57.  CKS Electrical Construction - Norwich CT (logo design, website design) 2013;

58.  Tiffany and Tyler (custom baby shower invitations, custom monogram) 2013;

59.  Stylin2 - Taftville CT (logo re-design with 2 options, apparel screen printing design, window graphics, website design, social media marketing & design) 2013-Present;

60.  Bob – Norwich, CT (business cards, invoices) 2014;

61.  Whitney Gagliardo and Johnny Zdancewicz Wedding - Newent CT (wedding invitation design and printing, monogram design, wedding website design) 2014;

62.  Steven Everett - Lisbon CT (logo design, website design, business cards, Political lanyards) 2014;

63.  Michael Meadows - Baltic CT (logo design, website design, business cards, Political lanyards) 2014-Present;

64.  Homegrown Hydroponics - Canterbury CT (business cards) 2014;

65.  Charity Challenge - Norwich CT (logo file recreation) 2014;

66.  Team Green CT – Oakdale CT (web design, social media profile development) 2014;

67.  Pinebrook Landscaping - North Hampton MA (logo file recreation) 2015;

68.  Haley D Racing - Windham CT (website design) 2015;

69.  Antique Plastering - Taftville CT (website design, business cards) 2015;

70.  Tremblay’s Bus Company - New Bedford MA (business cards) 2015;

71.  Gilman Gear - Gilman CT National USA (SEO for CMS web page development, web marketing, sports equipment graphic design, catalogs, flyers, etc) 2015;

72.  Keith O'Brien The Sports Dr - Niantic CT (logo design, postcards) 2015;

73.  New Life Assembly - Griswold CT (stickers, banner, building computer rendering, postcards, web page changes, CMS site training, etc) 2015-Present;

74.  Powerscapes - Griswold CT (vehicle magnets) 2015;

75.  Delta Mechanical - Jewett City CT (website design, seo web marketing, social media marketing) 2015-2017;

76.  NeoLife - Norwich CT, Palm Beach FL (retractable banners, flyers, postcards, newsletters) 2016-Present;

77.  Luna Landscaping - Griswold CT/Voluntown CT (logo design, screenprinted t-shirts) 2016-Present;

78.  Dale Bunn Photography - New Haven CT (logo design) 2016;

79.  Next Page Cafe - Weymouth MA (website redesign, social media marketing training) 2016;

80.  Ancient Wisdom Bodyworks – North Kingstown RI (business cards) 2016;

81.  Middlesex Hospital - Middletown CT (photo retouching photos) 2016;

82.  Dimitri’s Pizza - Baltic CT (wall posters, ice cream signs, pizza window poster signs, table menus to go menus, catering menus, website design, POP display) 2016-Present;

83.  Printing TX - Dallas Ft Worth TX (seo web marketing for primary shopping cart website, 2 seo funnel web sites development) 2017-Present;

84.  Your CT Construction Office - Lisbon CT (logo design, website design, business cards, brochures, seo web marketing) 2017-Present;

85.  Belcrest Farms – Franklin CT (logo design, label design and printing) 2017-Present;

86.  ACE Automotive – Norwich CT (logo design, flyers) 2017-Present.

*Current and previous analytics data available on Facebook page for ikan-ikon.

Freelance-Agency “jobs” –

2011 Krasun Industries – Franklin, CT: Web Design, Graphic Design, Print Production Graphic Design and Printing (RS Adventures, RSU, Screw Juice, RS Toys, Aspen, Magic Glass & Metal, Aspen, International Facilitators, Inc., etc.)

2000-2003 Communications Group – Tempe, AZ: Graphic Design, Print Production Graphic Design, and Illustration for AZ (City of Sierra Vista, AZ, Pink Jeep Tours, building illustration, etc)

1999-2000 Ad Agency Internship in college – Tempe, AZ: Graphic Design

Marketing and Design (print, broadcasting, online) Projects Summary:

Š Project Management - Contract writing and negotiations, managing projects from first client interaction through finished tangibles, including web site development through beta testing to online delivery, experience managing staff, managing all aspects of processes from start to finish for print project management and web project management, developing estimates and timelines for projects by working with key project members, maintaining clear and up-to-date project status reports while multi-tasking multiple projects’ deadlines simultaneously, maintaining schedules, ensuring on-time delivery, keeping projects flowing smoothly, managing team planning for timely and efficient approvals throughout each phase of development and production, understanding interconnections among projects, logistics management, identifying innovative communications technologies to reach geographically dispersed and demographically diverse audiences, locally, nationally, and internationally, applying cultural considerations to mass communications for international business and marketing efforts, advertising campaign management, B2B, B2C, and INT communications management, corporate communications and media relations developing and executing engagement plans with verifiable successes

Š Search engine optimization (SEO) Web Marketing Research Investigating and analyzing keywords and other marketing data (products/services, location, demographics, and specific target markets) to ensure highest rankings across the world wide web, writing detailed marketing SEO descriptions (see current real time rankings:

Š SEO Web Site Design - Consistently outstanding successes in creating gorgeous highly effective ROI-driven UI /UX SEO websites with hundreds of organic page 1 Google rankings (usually within 24 hours-2weeks), recent websites by,,,,,,,,,,,

Š Internet marketing / SEO Web marketing – Marketing plan development for various marketing platforms, including full marketing development of hundreds of directory listings with referral links. Interlacing multi-track marketing plans with indirect marketing for a cohesively complete customer life cycle, across all platforms, that is very natural, inspired by studying years of Google algorithms, interest and retention, building up higher ranking on specific search engines, most importantly Google (Averaged a 240% improvement on 13 search engine optimized websites for 2016)

Š Analytics - Tagging and tag tracking coding, analytics tracking, perpetually improving web site and social media for better and better results, marketing for online commercial videos development and ongoing web marketing with tags and analytics for videos as well

Š Trade Show Marketing – Designing trade show displays, trade show promotional advertising product management, trade show ads and collateral materials, graphic design and print brokering for wholesale rates, which average half retail pricing

Š Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) – Managing paid web advertising campaigns across multiple platforms (ie: Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc) within the $100-$9K per month range with tremendous documented successes

Š Direct Mail Marketing – Designing, writing, and managing direct mail marketing campaigns

Š Email Marketing - Coding, design, writing, and managing marketing blasts

Š Social Media Marketing (SMM) - Developing detailed social media marketing profiles with ongoing marketing that builds up the social media presence so that all sources funnel to website, insights reports’ development

Š Promotional Advertising - Managing inventory and developing promotional and print advertising campaigns, both in-house and freelancing for companies, design, print brokering, and marketing plan development

Š Writing - (published Author both online and in print) Writing and seo marketing blogging writing blog articles, creating commercials, press kits, advertorials, advertisements, collateral materials, business and marketing plans, agendas, ad copy, articles, reports [Published Magazine Articles: 3 national automotive magazines and 2 national managed care insurance magazines (Hot Rodding, Truckin, Diesel Power, Managed Care, The American Journal of Managed Care] Published one book of the first series of ten called “How To Love Yourself, Others, and Life Itself 24/7/365 Step-By-Step Workshops to Change Any Aspect of Your Life Immediately,” writing scripts for commercials on radio, TV, print, and online advertising

Š PR - Public relations and extensive public speaking (in front of 1200 people and more intimate audiences) on and off camera, customer service, public relations, modeling, sales, incorporating psychology into advertising, and marketing knowledge into the development of internal and external communications

Š Co-Op - Maintaining cooperative advertising programs, including custom auto-populating spreadsheets

Š Graphic Design - Conceptualization through final development (creating storyboards, thumbnails, proofs, comps, photography, computer design, computer rendered art), B2B, B2C, INT communications, brand identity development and ongoing branding, positioning and growth, differentiating products, services, programs, and capabilities in highly competitive local, national, and international markets, developing marketing presence, shaping market perceptions

Š Print Production Graphic Design - Print project management, print brokering, monitoring quantities and orders of media, marketing, and advertising on multiple platforms, printed materials, developing and coordinating efficient methods of communications to clients and prospective clients, brokers for changes and approvals, with subcontractors, vendors, and other key audiences

Š Event planning – Coordinating corporate and private events

Š Communications - Establishing consistency in approach and delivery of internal and external messages, working with colleagues to strengthen various external communication channels (collateral materials, publications, websites, social media, advertising, etc.), utilizing marketing training for persuasive content building, visually communicating key concepts by depicting cohesive, influential strategies

Š ISO 9001 Quality Management - Completely revamped a variety of companies in different industries to make their business processes fully automated (from organization to the employee job descriptions, efficient processes analysis, process description writing, to day-to-day business accounting processes with implementation including injecting custom spreadsheets and step-by-step worksheets as task paperwork to automate each part of the business creating higher profit generation for multiple businesses

Š Accounting - Creating custom auto-populating formula-rich excel spreadsheets, maintaining A/P, A/R, co-op advertising, Establish and maintain budgets, managing budget processes for each design project, always within budget, tracking and reporting estimated versus actual project costs, and organic marketing efforts

Š   Traditional Fine Art -  Illustration, drawing, painting, sculpting, utilizing most mediums (metal jewelry making, screen printing, ceramics sculpting, pottery, oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil, pastels, Prisma markers, colored pencils, etc)


Luciani Enterprises (5 Servpro®’s), Meriden, CT
Web Marketing Manager

Š Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Š Web Design

Š Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Š Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Š Marketing Blogging and Marketing Writing

Š Graphic Design

Š Print Production Graphic Design and Printing

Š SEO Web Marketing Research

Projects Summary: business cards, retractable banners, window display vinyl sign design, brochures, etc.

Achievements: 5,700 impressions with 460 post reaches/wk. Dwarfed PPC results $5K to $8K with lower CPC for 387 website visits PLUS reclaimed over $400/mo ROI through negative keywords, 1,187 sessions / 1,034 users / 3,278 pg views / 2.76 pgs/session. Lowered corporate websites’ bounce rate to by 53%, from 79+% to 26%.

Green Construction & Restoration, Meriden, CT
Web Marketing Manager

Š Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Š Web Design

Š Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Š Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Š Marketing Blogging and Marketing Writing

Š Graphic Design

Š Print Production Graphic Design and Printing

Š SEO Web Marketing Research

Achievements: 3,423 web visitors per week, which included search engine robots and spiders crawling the website for the first couple months. Website averages 264 human organic visitors every month with no advertising. 95.45% goal conversion rate. 0% abandonment rate. Session durations +1.26m. Number of pages visits +1.83. 49 social media to website visitors became 43 goal conversions in July 2016. Tripled the results successfully on every effort made throughout the time working on that website. 3,217 reach for one week on Facebook in August 2016.

Projects Summary: business cards, retractable banners, window display vinyl sign design, brochures, etc.


Earnhardt Auto Centers, 7 locations headquarters in Chandler, AZ and El Paso, TX
01/2006 – 08/2008
Marketing Communications Specialist

Š Web Design

Š Graphic Design for print advertising in newspapers

Š Print Production Graphic Design and printing (in-house print center)

Š Radio and TV advertising marketing (“Drivin’ Arizona Roads” commercial writer)

Achievements: SEMA Las Vegas media exposure in 2007-2008 from Press Kit for Megalow concept vehicle. Three published articles in national managed care insurance magazines (Hot Rodding, Truckin, Diesel Power). Award from The Arizona Republic Newspaper for being the only Graphic Designer “Always early on deadlines.” Personal appreciation visit from Tex Earnhardt for being the only graphic designer for the “first time in their history to always get paid for cooperative advertising.” notepads, etc.). Generated more than $10,000 savings per year for Earnhardt Auto Centers by revamping programs. Created automated system with an online program for 15 General Manager’s approvals chain-wide.

Projects Summary: newspaper ads, business cards, forms, brochures, postcards, flyers, print ads, web page design, pop displays, direct mailers, banners, promotional advertising, posters,


United Abrasives/SAIT, Windham, CT
08/2003 – 02/2005
Marketing Communications Manager

Š Sales and marketing flyers for national and international distributors

Š Trilingual ad design (French and Spanish)

Š Print Production Graphic Designer

Š Web Designer

Š Trade Show Events Planner, Co-op Advertising Assistant

Š Training Event Planning (for national and international distributors)

Achievements: Generated more than $10,000 savings per year for UA/SAIT by re-vamping programs.

Projects Summary: flyers, catalogs, sales presentations, pop displays, banners, trade show displays.


Antonino Auto Centers, New London, CT
08/2002 – 08/2003
Customer Service Manager

Š Customer Service Manager (daily customer connections for surveying)

Š ISO 9001 Assistant to the QMS Manager Gina Greaney

Š Graphic Design for print advertising

Š Direct Mail Marketing

Achievements: Appreciation Award for Excellence Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) from the national overseer of the QMS/ISO Automotive program, after assisting with the implementation and set up of the program across all departments within the dealership. Consistently top customer service scores in the northeast region.

Projects Summary: postcards, flyers for new vehicle buyers.


USA MCO, Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX
8/2000 – 5/2001
Marketing Communications Specialist

Š Multimedia Design

Š Graphic Design

Š Print Production Graphic Design and Printing (in-house print center)

Š Newsletter Design, Writing (managed all aspects of putting out a monthly newsletter, working with in-house Doctors and Nurses to write informative and interesting articles for staff, medical personnel around the USA, and others within the managed health care field)

Š Advertising and Print Marketing

Š Writing advertorials for national healthcare magazines

Š Lobbying with the FDA

Achievements: Created an archival system for their marketing, saved the company $4,000/yr by creating spreadsheets for their marketing to save money and streamline the marketing plan. Published articles in three magazines: Managed Care, The American Journal of Managed Care. Boys & Girls Clubs of Austin, TX read article about them and called to request using it for their own marketing use. Honored by the Owner of USA MCO who requested meeting to sit down and talk about another article on spiritual healing philosophy that incorporates world religion beliefs and healing energies (which is what the Live Talk Show for is about).

Projects Summary: print ads, multimedia banner ads.


Accountemps, Phoenix, AZ
04/1999 – 06/2001

Š Entered Payroll

Š Data Entry

Carol Gagliardo Accounting & Bookkeeping LLC, Derby, CT
Controller’s Assistant

Š Entered Payroll

Š Assisted with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Human Resources


United States Navy Moral, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR), Kingsbay, GA/Groton, CT
09/1990 – 11/1992; 7/2010-12/2012
Recreation Aid / Lead Recreation Aid

Š Managed the Marine Corps Barracks location, worked at the Enlisted Men’s Club and other locations as needed, then also offered the Tiki Hut location to manage when it opened

Š ISO 9001: Revamped and saved the Single Sailor Program

Š Event Planning: Trips and tours planning, local shuttle bus program management

Achievements: Award for “Exemplary Achievement” from the U.S. Navy Commander, Kingsbay, GA. Brought a program that was about to be canceled for $3,000 per year loss up to a +$13,674.87/year profit, reporting +$4,448.29 within the first 4 months with an EXPANDED program, for the U.S. Navy Single Sailors working with the Navy Subschol (see letters from 2 Master Chiefs and other Navy letters of recommendations).

Projects Summary: Flyers, posters, invented and created a custom wall calendar for events advertising.


Carol Gagliardo Accounting & Bookkeeping LLC, Derby, CT
09/1987-06/1990; 12/1998-04/1999
Controller’s Assistant

Š Entered Payroll

Š Assisted with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Human Resources


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel (custom auto-populating spreadsheets), Powerpoint, Outlook, Outlook Express), Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia, Quark XPress, MailChimp, Constant Contact, hard-coding emails, Google AdWords Editor, Google Webmaster Tools, SEO and web site analysis tools, Web marketing dashboards, Skype, Facetime, iMovie, Garage Band, Sound Edit, QuickTime, Photo Booth, HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP (can use WYSIWYG, hard-code, alter template code, and de-bug code, and work within custom CMS platforms). Typing Speed: 53wpm.



Š Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communications with a minor in Business and Marketing, Collins College, Tempe, AZ / Three Rivers, Norwich, CT. Additional degree in Fine Art as well from Norwich Free Academy. Achievements: SGA President, 3.86/4.0 GPA, Salutatorian, Graduated with a 3.86/4.0 GPA, always High Honors Dean’s List, Founder’s Award nominee, received 2 art awards.

Š Certificates: Web Marketing, Web Site Development, SEO, Multimedia Design, Event Planning.

Š Google Certifications: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (currently in Google Academy for more certifications). Google Training: Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google AdWords (including Editor), Google Algorithms professional, National PCC Week 2017 (US Postal Service event for industry and postal experts). Also attended the Google Summit 2017 and attend Google Academy (for ongoing training to keep up on marketing innovations).