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ikan-ikon is an American-owned and operated boutique marketing business providing thorough and comprehensive project management from conceptualization to finished tangibles. We remain affordable for small businesses and entrepreneurs who usually cannot afford agency marketing fees. Our mission has always been to support small businesses. We help your business gain the web presence and traction you need to become successful. We help build up businesses and that is why we have stood the tests of time. Read more about us: ABOUT

ikan-ikon has worked with over a hundred clients bi-coastally and across the USA since 1999, and most of the work done has come through referrals and search engine marketing. 
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Working from Virginia Beach, VA, and originally from southeastern Connecticut, this is an American-owned and operated freelance business. This means that you are supporting our own country when you hire us. Plus, very low overhead means you save money hiring within the USA!

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