Analytics assist us in knowing what goes on when we cannot see what is happening as people surf around websites and social media. We cannot see as many details as we used to be able to see for the helpful demographics, but we can at least see what people are showing interest in while they are on your website and your social media profiles. This presents us with opportunities to make improvements and to provide more of what they want. When they like your website and social media posts, they will keep coming back for more. This offers you more opportunities to sell products and services.


Server Analytics on your Hosting  server

This includes setting up the tagging, setting up the customized reports so you and ikan-ikon will get the reports via email weekly, monthly, and quarterly.


Google Analytics

This includes setting up the tagging, setting up the customized reports so you and ikan-ikon will get the reports via email weekly, monthly, and quarterly.


This includes setting up the tagging.

Social media does not send the reports automatically, so they have to be run manually. 

We collect the data and create a report out of it monthly. We also track the data over time so improvements can be made as it is learned.


After a website is created by, we track the results of the search engine optimization to see where our clients are ranking and collect the links to those searches so clients so see where they rank. 

This can be ordered any time as an a la carte service.

Example of Tracking Website Visits


About Analytics and Insights

We do all the back-end work to set up tagging and marketing reports for Analytics and Insights to make it easy to see what happens on the website and social media. We can also provide marketing report analysis and training.

This package can be ordered for Email Marketing Analytics, Social Media Marketing Insights on as many platforms as your company uses, Google Analytics, your server's Analytics. Each platform requires its own package.

Note: Email marketing prompts people to visit your website, so it is helpful to follow the Analytics trails wherever they will lead, which means, it is recommended that you have Analytics set up for each platform you are using, so you get a complete picture of all that is happening. 


Analytics / Insights Package

Includes: Tagging code added to one website or social media account that tracks the data that will go into the reports, Analytics account set up, reports set up, emailed reports weekly, monthly, quarterly.

Provides: Reports that show the data of website or social media profile visits and what people do while there. These reports are used to make improvements to websites and marketing, learn about your customers, and improve future sales results.




$100.00 per platform


Google Analytics

Server Analytics

Facebook Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics

Twitter  Analytics

Pinterest  Analytics

Instagram  Analytics

Google+  Insights

Tik Tok  Analytics

Other  Analytics

 5 Analytics

What is a platform in web marketing?

A few examples of platforms are:


Google Analytics is behind-the-scenes data that Google collects about the actions people take on websites. Thisi s a robust reporting platform that ikan-ikon uses to make improvements to your website, social media profiles, marketing, and can help you in your interactions with the people who visit your website and online profiles. Tagging sets up the tracking we want to be able to see. We can set up the tracking on your website, individual web pages to campaign effectiveness and the performance  once on the site by tracing the actions on that page and their path as they explore your site. It tells us other things too, such as where the person came from, where they live, what type of device they are using, how long they look at things and pages on your site, etc.  


Servers also offer analytics with behind-the-scenes data that Google collects about the actions people take on websites. This data differs from Google's and it is beneficial to see as much data as possible to get a full picture of what happens while people are on your website. This data is similar to what Google shows us, but shows us things like location, type of device, how many people visited each page, etc.

Social Media

Social media tracks data similar to what Google provides, but it is specific to your specific profile. The benefits here include being able to see how people are responding to posts and content, how interested they are in your profile, business, content, and we can integrate your social media profiles to work seamlessly back and forth with your website, then track that information to get a big picture view of your target audiences behaviors. 

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google +
  • Tik Tok
  • Etc.



What is tagging when it comes to websites? 

Tagging is the code that sets up the data collection. It is added to web pages after being collected from the platforms. There are a bunch of types of tag code and the Web Developer takes the code they need for each specific purpose and adds that code with additional code to the website in the places it is needed to be able to track that data and then later look at the data to see behaviors as they relate to what they were set up to accomplish.