ikan-ikon successfully delivers outstanding results in these areas of marketing expertise as well.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing or SEO, which is search engine optimization, uses techniques that search engine require to rank your website higher.

Social Media Marketing

We provide social media marketing, email marketing, direct mail marketing, search engine marketing

Email Marketing

We provide Email marketing for newsletters and promotions that increase traffic to your website.

Direct Mail Marketing

Order direct mailers that are custom designed and printed. If you need to purchase mailing lists, we can help with that too. 

Direct Mail Marketing Packages

Hire a freelance Graphic Designer and wholesale Print Broker to provide effective tangible marketing solutions. 

EDDM is Every Door Direct Mail. This goes by zip code or neighborhood within a zip code.

Mailing Lists are another type of Direct Mail Marketing that uses the demographics to target specific aspects. For example, rather than targeting neighborhoods you know likely fit your target market, you can target married homeowners aged 30-40 who have kids and shop online, or choose one or more aspects to target and only mail to those people who meet the criteria for that campaign.


EDDM Postcard Campaign


EDDM Brochure Campaign



Mailing List Postcard Campaign


Mailing List Brochure Campaign

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