Director of Marketing

Lives and works in Virginia Beach, VA


23 YEARS IN THE MARKETING INDUSTRY building an impressive succession of achievements in a broad range of industries. Experienced in all aspects of design and marketing project management, from conceptualization through finished print and web projects. Focused on productivity and profits while reducing overall spending, which has resulted in consistently extraordinary, quantifiable results. 



Principal, Director of Marketing at in VA and CT [2001–Present]. 

Marketing Manager at Aery Aviation in VA [2021–2022 ; Earnhardt Auto Centers with 7 locations in AZ and TX [2006 – 2008]; UA SAIT in CT [2003-2005]; USA MCO in AZ [2000–2001]. 



SEOCertified Google Specialist - 
• Create and manage UX/UI SEO websites that consistently benefit from hundreds of organic page 1 and other top page rankings on Google and hundreds of other search engines, usually within 24 hours - 2 weeks. 
• 363% web site traffic increase within one quarter implementing new SEO ideas. 

Analytics & Insights: Easily syncs with cross-platform audiences by implementing a proprietary marketing method and utilizing research and data that produces great results - 
• 240% improvement on SEO websites.
• 3,100% increase in online store sessions.
• 5,500% increase in site visitors.
• Sales up 98% with 227% more store sales.
• 95.45% goal conversion rate.
• 0% abandonment rates.
• Lowered Servpro® corporate website's bounce rate by 53% (from 79+% to 26%).

PPCTripled results successfully on every effort made for each company - 
Utilize negative and positive keywords with customized hyper targeting ads on Google AdWords -
• Before Kristen: Cost $19,937.07 for 548 Clicks/Av. CPC $36-41. 
• During Kristen: Cost $6,758.27 for 321 Clicks/Av. CPC $21-05. 
• PLUS reclaimed over $400/mo ROI through negative keywords. 
• Internet Jobs: 39 in May 2016 / 49 in June 2016. 

SMMTalented Content Manager and Copywriter with a track record that includes outstanding achievements while reaching thousands of new customers - 
5,700 Impressions.
3,278 Page Views.
3,217 Reach (per week on Facebook). 

Email MarketingExceeded Mailchimp averages every month during campaign - 
• Average Open Rate: 44.81% vs. 37.60%.
• Average Click Rate: 16.02% vs. 14.80%.
• Average Unsubscribe Rate: .009% vs. 1.10%.
• 0 Abuse Reports.

Accounting: Successful Profit-Driven Manager - 
• Brought the U.S. Navy Single Sailor Program, which was about to be canceled for $3,000 per year loss, up to a $13,674.87 per year profit, reporting $4,448.29 within the first 4 months, with an EXPANDED program.
• Generated $20,000 per year by revamping 2 co-op advertising programs.



Marketing: Internet marketing, digital marketing, web marketing, SEO, optimized effective social media marketing and e-mail marketing campaigns, authored marketing writing, project management, trade show marketing, direct mail marketing, promotional advertising, public relations, cooperative advertising (co-op), private and corporate event planning, B2B, B2C, internal communications. Mastermind multi-platform marketing plans, social media marketing plans, e-mail marketing plans, marketing budgets, campaign conceptualization, campaign planning. Align business goals with new and creative marketing strategies for print and web marketing, social media and paid ads. Apply knowledge of industry trends to marketing strategies and initiatives. Foster integration, prioritization, and coordination of marketing efforts across multiple platforms, in house and subcontracted. Identify, develop, and evaluate marketing strategies based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors. Evaluate the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return-on investment with profit-loss projections. Cultivate strong client and vendor relationships.

SEO Web Design: Search engine optimization. UX/UI web site development, coding, web design, dashboard and hosting server management. Web design and website management

Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Artist: Graphic design, print production graphic design, print project management, logo design, brand identity. Paintings and portraits. Design presentations, graphic design projects, and advertising. Photography and managing photographers, supervising photo shoots.

• Advertising: Order print and web advertising. Negotiate rates, planning with vendors and media outlets. Invent compelling ad copy, sizing and resizing ads for print and web use. Maintain records to track the results for each publication. Google AdWords / Google Ads. Organize and maintain paper files and media storage.

Data Analysis: Tagging, analytics, and tracking. Research, identify, and interpret important data. Set up, implement, and maintain tagging code. Utilize digital analytics tools via marketing technologies including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and various server analytics and social media Insights and Analytics tools. Audit for content accuracy. Develop useful reports from data collected to provide fast understanding of complex data. Conduct research, data queries, gathering and validating for each marketing project. Make important decisions motivated by data. Establish long-term solutions to improve process efficiency and effectiveness.

• Purchasing: Budget, process payments, champion ways to lower costs. Pioneer auto-populating spreadsheets that analyze spending and assist in establishing pricing and tracking profits and losses, managing budgets. Identify requirements for goods, materials and services, quantities, details, reliable suppliers. Write requests for bids, request and process quotes, compare contract terms, negotiate competitive pricing, award contracts. Coordinate deliveries, process shipments, perform quality control checks, ensuring that products get to the right places. Coordinate with others so inventory is kept up to date, input data, manage inventory of consumables.



Programs: Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, lllustrator, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint; Quark Xpress, Macromedia; Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint. 

SEO Web Site Development: UX/UI web site design: HTML CSS, Java Script, PHP, CMS (Custom CMS and online dashboards); Web site coding: hard-coding, marry code, debugging code; FTP; Animated .gifs (movie theatre ads and web banner ads); Google AdWords, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Tagging Various SEO and web site analysis, web marketing dashboards. 

Email Marketing: Mailchimp, Constant Contact. 

Communication: Skype, Facetime, Teams, Messenger, Gmail Chat, Facebook Live, YouTube Live.



(Expert) Management & leadership skills: Planning & execution
(Highly Proficient) Marketing
(Proficient) Search engine optimization
(Expert) Social media



Achieved Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications, Specialization in Multimedia, Collins College, Tempe, AZ [2002]. Graduated Salutatorian with a 3.86 GPA (college cumulative). Founder’s Award Nomination. Minored inBusiness and Marketing Associate of Arts (AA), Three Rivers Community College, Norwich, CT [1997-1998]. Dean’s List student. President of the Student Government. Achieved Fine Arts degree, Norwich Free Academy, Norwich, CT [1990].

Career Training and Certificates: Event Planner, Information Security, Creative Suite 3, Flash MX1&2, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby On Rails, Business Management, Business Law, QMS/ISO 9000 (see Awards), AS9100D (AS9100D/ISO 9001:2015 certificate), U.S.P.S. Every Day Direct Mail Design, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, Google Analytics, Google AdWords (including Editor), Google Tag Manager through Google Academy (by invitation), Level 7 Google Guide. 
By invitation: 2017 Google Summit, U.S.P.S. National PCC Day 2017.



Quality Management System
Navy Exemplary Achievement 
Arizona Republic 
Tex Earnhardt Appreciation
Vince Lombardi Art
Women's City Club, 2nd Place



5 Published articles in national magazines generated from press kits: (Medical insurance industry) The American Journal of Managed Care. (Automotive industry) Hot Rodding, Truckin, Diesel Power. Gained SEMA Las Vegas media exposure in 2007-2008 for the Megalow concept vehicle.



References include the specifics of significant successes for each project as written by each source, which can be read as letters of recommendation on

United States Citizen authorized to work in the United States for any employer.