Web design, graphic design, and logo design are about so much more than just design. ikan-ikon goes into every design project with a keen awareness of the goals that project should accomplish. We focus on creating compelling design that interests viewers, but we also focus on the psychology of selling, color theory for sales, your brand identity, your target demographics, and the marketing that will best prompt purchases by your future customers. That is the difference in hiring a professional with over twenty years experience in the marketing industry. We know your purchases are an investment into your business. We aim to showcase your offerings with marketing that focuses on the niches you have carved out in your industry, how you can solve their problems, and the features of the products or services you offer, so they know what they are getting and why they should be getting it from you.


Comprehensive logo design with all future-use files for any type of printing is always included. Our professional logo design will help make your logo a brand ambassador aiding your business when you are not there to represent yourself, as a logo should.


We provide graphic design services for print, web marketing, advertising, including photo retouching, superimposing images, and computer-generated art. Graphic Design with Print Production Design for your budget is included for every graphic design project.


We build sustainable, organically search engine optimized websites, online stores, and information websites that get you ranked on search engines with affordable web site design and web site development. Fast turnaround within 7 – 30 days.


ikan-ikon successfully delivers outstanding results in these areas of marketing expertise as well.


We provide social media marketing, email marketing, direct mail marketing, search engine marketing

Marketing Plans

We offer marketing plan development and design, so all your marketing needs are efficiently provided by one resource.


Tagging and marketing reports for Analytics and Insights, marketing report analysis


Market research, market segmentation, and targeting aid in developing custom marketing that connects with your target audiences.