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It is standard policy to explain the contract terms and all of the specifications of each project with every client. We understand that time if of the essence and some client’s just want to jump into Phase One without being concerned with all of the details, but it is crucially important to stay on the best of terms with full cooperation from both parties, so please take five minutes to read all of the contract terms and ask questions now, then initial each section and sign the contract. By working with this Consultant, you agree to all of these non-negotiable terms. Please familiarize yourself with our processes. Thank you.

INSTRUCTIONS: Initial each section. Sign the bottom. Send. Your project will be put into the queue immediately after receipt of your signed form and consideration.


Both Parties

Consultant, Kristen Pflibsen of ikan-ikon offers a variety of services that operate from 249 Central Park Avenue, Suite 300-26, Virginia Beach, VA. Current contact information is always available on the website Contact page. 

Client Full Name:* _______________________________________

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Products and Services Offered

Products and services include, but are not limited to: Art, Graphic Design, Printing, Web Site Development, Marketing Consulting, Advertising Consulting, Creative Services, Event Planning, Consulting and Coaching services. This contract may be for one or more services that Consultant provides, and this contract can last for the life of the business relationship between both parties, for multiple projects.

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Consultant and Client are making this Agreement. 

Consideration (The Exchange)

Consideration is the value that induces the parties to enter into the contract. The existence of consideration distinguishes a contract from a gift. 

How much are you paying for your Retainer, or paying in full? 

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The contracting parties have “a meeting of the minds” regarding the agreement. This means the parties understand and agree to the basic substance and terms of the contract.

INITIALS:* ______ SPECIFICATIONS: Project specifications with all the details of the project are in the separate document entitled "Client Doc" that is emailed to the Client after the specs conversation. This is essentially a summary of the project with some ideas as to how the project will be created. It must be followed or additional fees may need to be applied.

INITIALS:* ______ POLICY FOR MAKING PROJECT CHANGES: Client will be provided with an instructional email called "How to Make Changes." Changes will be requested in one (1) email per phase, with header then the change(s) for that section, in easy to follow, copy and paste, so the Designer can go down the list of ALL the changes for that phase in one efficient work session. Photos will be named with their description and one (1) email will come with the photos that has the detailed descriptions using the photo title as the header, for the purpose of that email. The format must be followed or additional fees will need to be charged at a rate of $83 per hour. 

INITIALS:* ______ RESPONSES: Client agrees to cooperate with the processes of development throughout all the phases and not to withhold approvals or change requests, for any reason. 

INITIALS:* ______ APPROVALS: The approvals process is defined in the Project Timeline and has allocated two (2) days at the end of each phase for the Client to review the project and submit changes. Client can alter this timeline, but is to be aware that each delay adds on more time to the deadline. When a project needs to be put on hold while waiting for Client changes, they will lose their spot in the queue and ikan-ikon will need to work on other projects, then the Client's project will go back into the queue in the order it was received, and the project will pick back up where it left off. This isn't a problem, just something to be aware of, in case you need that extra time for your approvals.

INITIALS:* ______ PAYMENTS: Client will be given one copy of the finished project. Projects include one design direction. Changes in scope of work will require extra charges. All invoices are payable immediately upon receipt. Default in payment shall cause work to stop. Invoices are not negotiable. Client’s approval shall be obtained for estimates exceeded by 10%. 

INITIALS:* ______ FINAL PAYMENT: Final payment is due before project can go into print or web production and before the website can go live online. When contract is paid in full, client ownership can begin. No services are done until cash is in hand. Prices are not negotiable. 

INITIALS:* ______ PAYMENT PROCESSING FEES: Credit and debit card payments subject to processing fees. You can avoid this fee by paying in cash, via Western Union, Money Gram, bank-issued Cashier’s Check, or by sending a United States Post Office money order.

INITIALS:* ______ LATE FEES: Violation of payments may result in delays and/or cancellation of the project. 10% of the entire amount due will be added to any full or partially late payment, increasing monthly with the new net plus 10%. Fees are not negotiable. 

INITIALS:* ______ LEGAL FEES: Consultant has the right to recover all charges, expenses, and fees from Client for all of that Client’s projects. Client shall pay all expenses incurred during this contract, including Attorney and court fees, if that becomes a necessary action. 

INITIALS:* ______ COPYRIGHTS: Work is original or consent for use has been obtained. Consultant owns permanent rights to copyrights forever, for all projects, under all circumstances. Payment in full authorizes Client unlimited rights of use. Consultant will not re-sell custom art or designs commissioned for that client. Consultant retains rights to use all projects for marketing. Any future copyrights must comply with this agreement. Regarding copyright infringements: The Client shall indemnify Consultant against any claims and expenses, including attorney’s fees, from any copyright infringements due to Client use of unauthorized graphics, logos, context, etc. Client takes all responsibility for all graphics and photos provided for use within their project(s).

INITIALS:* ______ MODEL RELEASE WAIVERS: Consultant will provide a Model Release Waiver that Client can use for customer approval to use their customer' photos. ikan-ikon is not responsible for any liability for a Client's relationship with regard to the Client's customers.

INITIALS:* ______ LIABILITIES: Consultant is not responsible for damages caused by a third party or by nature. Consultant will make fair arrangements with Client so neither party has total loss for damages out of their control.

INITIALS:* ______ CODE DESTRUCTION: If another party who does not work for Consultant touches or changes the code of this Consultant's website, Consultant is not responsible for that destruction, and it will cost $83 per hour to debug the code to get it back to its original state and then make whatever changes the client wanted made in the first place. 

INITIALS:* ______ CANCELATION: Violation of any of these terms constitutes a breach of contract, and it is at the full discretion of Consultant as to whether or not the Agreement will continue. Consultant can terminate this agreement and all discounted pricing if the Client does not follow the terms of the agreements. The Client shall have the right to terminate this agreement in writing AFTER the Client has paid all fees due in full to each party. A cancellation fee for work completed based on the contracted price may be necessary. Website hosting and domain names are outsourced and that cancellation fee is $85. Cancellation fees are not negotiable and are determined by Consultant. 

INITIALS:* ______ REFUNDS: The work that Consultant does is done as payments are made and that is time that Consultant spends on client projects, so there are no refunds. 

INITIALS:* ______ OUTSOURCING: All outsourcing charges and fees, including printing, shipping, website developers, etc has to be paid up front because Consultant does not take any liability for client bills. 

INITIALS:* ______ BROKER/CLIENT AGREEMENT: Consultant devotes all time necessary to research and negotiate options, pricing, savings discounts with Subcontractor(s) using industry knowledge, providing print production design, supervises projects to ensure perfect projects. It shall not be construed that Consultant is liable for Client nor Subcontractor(s). Client agrees not bypass Consultant, in any way, withhold any monies, contact Subcontractors, or make any modifications to agreements. Alternative scenarios could renegotiate project specs and discounts thus increasing costs. The Client shall reimburse Consultant for all fees arising from this assignment, including out-of-pocket expenses, sales taxes, shipping, etc. Neither party has the authority to, and expressly agrees NOT to incur any debts, renegotiations, or liabilities beyond the scope of this written agreement, nor make, alter or discharge any additional contracts, quote other rates, waive or extend the time for payment. 

INITIALS:* ______ ETHICS: Client will not behave in unethical ways, and client understands and agrees with the terms now and forever, so that experiences working with Consultant will be both efficient and affordable. 

INITIALS:* ______ CONTRACT LEGAL TERMS: The Client and Consultant agree to comply with all federal and state contract laws. These terms are not restrictive as to content. This Agreement is in effect immediately and shall be as long as both parties are in compliance with all terms and conditions and engaged in a professional relationship. This is the entire agreement between both parties. Should any provision of this Agreement be declared invalid in part, the remaining provisions within this contract shall remain in full effect regardless of such declaration. Any changes must be made in writing (e-mail ok). No modifications or amendments shall be binding unless approved in writing by both parties. In the event of any default, all communication MUST be in writing (email ok). 

INITIALS:* ______ VIOLATIONS: Client further understands that any violation of any of these terms constitutes a breach of contract, and that Consultant may decide to discontinue working with a Client who violates any of these terms and/or that Client may lose discounted pricing. 

INITIALS:* ______ CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT: Client agrees to the payment terms and agrees to pay all charges, fees, and expenses related to all of Client’s projects ordered through Consultant. Final payment is due before project can go into print or web production and before the website can go live online. No marketing services are done until cash is in hand, contract paid in full. Prices are not negotiable. Client agrees to answer all questions asked, provide text, changes, approvals, and payments to Consultant within 1-2 days at each phase of development, for every project. Client understands project cannot proceed to the next phase of development, and that work cannot get done without these things.




Acceptance of contract terms are indicated by a signature. I agree to these terms and I agree to pay all charges, fees, and expenses related to all of my projects that I order from ikan-ikon.

By typing your name here, you are agreeing to the terms above. 


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