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Graphic Design

Here is a collection of ikan-ikon's graphic design and printing projects

General graphic design can be ordered by the hour, or by the individual service, as a package.

Graphic Design Vocabulary:
• Photo correction fixes problems with photos.
• Photo retouching removes red eye, erase blemishes, and make improvements to the overall look, lighting, contrast, etc, perfecting photographs.
• Superimposing images means that two or more photographs are put together into one photo that looks like it was always that way.
• Graphic design layout is for designing ads, direct mailers, brochures, catalogs, etc.

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Order graphic design by the hour as ikan-ikon works by Retainer.

You will pay by Retainer with a minimum of $60 per hour, which is the freelance rate.
Pay $60 Retainer

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