SEO web design USA, SEO web design Virginia Beach VA


Summary of Project Terms and Statement of Understanding:

This project will incorporate work done for the design and development of a website. The website gets built synergistically with existing branding of colors, logos, fonts, images and criteria that pertain to the philosophies, image, and the current marketing principles of the individual client.

The goal of the website development project is to strategically position web content in a user-friendly and graphically-pleasing manner. All page content, graphics, and fonts will be consistent with graphical headers.

Website functionality will be a major area of focus for the web site development, which will include centralizing and organizing content, and ensuring content is displayed in a consistent manner throughout the entire website. The site will be accessed through appropriate navigation, and user-friendly tools that will allow a site visitor to find information quickly, as well as get to and from any location in the site easily will be provided. Website speed, in regard to loading pages, data, and images will be another area of concentration for the website development.

We also use the psychology of selling and other time-proven marketing techniques to raise your branding above your competition.

The focus of the web design and site development is to create a uniquely customized website with a modern design that enhances the client’s market positioning, aiming to:
• Build awareness and brand integrity
• Build consumer loyalty and enhance customer relationships
• Achieve high customer satisfaction with the marketing and design
• Deliver consistent branding that integrates and supports other marketing efforts
• Facilitate and strengthen relationships with customers and strategic business partners
• Improve business efficiency
• Present comprehensive information and resources in an easy to use format.

SEO web design USA, SEO web design Virginia Beach VA

Our all-inclusive Web Page Design Package includes:
✔ Customized, unique web pages and graphic design, with your graphics and photos
✔ Personalized navigation
✔ Website coding (some HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, integrated with jQuery and Bootstrap features may be added)
✔ Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop compatibility, on most devices is included
✔ Online Beta Test
✔ Back-End and Front-End Website UX and UI Web Site Development
✔ Domain name searches and set up (online address that gets people to your site)
✔ Fully functional website online on your own server (website hosting is like having the utilities on so you can have visitors)
✔ Technical advice

Front-End Web Pages -
(front-end means visible to website visitors)
✔ Custom Home Page
✔ About Page
✔ Products or Services Page
✔ Contact Us Package with Click-To-Call Links
✔ Site Map (viewable to everyone) /OR/ one Informational web page

Back-End Web Pages -
(back-end means not viewable to everyone, but necessary for search engines to list you in searches)
✔ Site Map (coded for search engine algorithms)
✔ 404
✔ 503
✔ Robots.txt

Features -
✔ Interactive Google Map (for brick and mortar stores)
✔ Lead Collection Form on a Contact Us Page
✔ Click-to-Call Links on every page
✔ Some web site Consulting work
✔ Site security advice
✔ Back-end SSL Certificate security set up and testing
✔ Website collects leads for you via contact links and web forms

Search Engine Optimization benefits:
✔ Basic SEO Package for each web page that includes Search Engine Optimization built into the meta tags, descriptions, keywords as part of our marketing-rich page development (We suggest ordering the SEO Keywords Market Research Package below to be sure you use the correct keywords that people really do search in real life, not just words and combinations of words you think they would use)
✔ SEO website navigation
✔ Keywords used in fundamental places within website front and back-end
✔ Defines and features elements, headers and footers, image tags with back-end code for search engine algorithms
✔ SEO advice
✔ AND has a bunch of things that are imperative to the success of getting you ranked on Google and hundreds of other search engines!

NOTE: The total minimum number of web pages for a search engine optimized website is always recommended to be at least 5 pages so that the algorithm robots and spiders can see that your website visitors appreciate a variety of pages on your site, staying on each page for a good amount of time. We give all 5 pages within this package, so you have a great start, even on the smallest budget. This feeds the robots and spiders what they want, believing that your website visitors are getting the things that they are seeking from your web pages, which improves your search engine ranking with every user-website visit.
OUR DEADLINE: Ordering a website is as simple as you see here. You pay your Retainer Down Payment (or pay in full up front for less), and you will be days away from owning your own website! It generally takes ikan-ikon under 30 days to create a new website and get it live online working for clients.

Most of our sites get ranked on pages 1-10 on Google within 24 hours to 2 weeks of creation. Some of our sites have gotten hundreds of page 1 Google rankings within 24 hours! (We can provide you with proof of your current rankings and screenshots upon request.) With any package, you get a customized website designed in your own style and colors with all the elements that make your website function well, as a user-friendly search engine optimized website that works for you 24/7/365 forever! OUR FULL-DISCLOSURE PRICING INCLUDES ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED ONLINE. With ikan-ikon, the pricing is never secretive, never marked up, never bait and switched or nickel and dimed - You honestly get exactly what you need very affordably. ikan-ikon has been in business since 1999 as ikan-ikon AKA ikanikon the entire time, and has always been available immediately to help clients alter their websites. It takes under 24 hours to make most website changes, and some changes can be made within one hour. This is why we have all 5-star reviews from over 75 clients. No ikan-ikon website has EVER been successfully hacked. No ikan-ikon website or client suffers negligence when choosing ikan-ikon.

Pay your Retainer Down Payment on an all-inclusive $5,000 website package.
SEO web design USA, SEO web design Virginia Beach VA

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